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Posted 8/5/2017 Ref # 6591

RGSA: Working Locally to have a Global Impact

RGSA: Working Locally to Have a Global Impact

The generosity of our RGSA community was demonstrated during this month's equipment collection for the girls of Cazarpamba, the Ecuadorian village where former RGSA player, Angela Gomez, resides. Throughout this month, we were able to collect 54 pairs of cleats (some looked barely used!), 6 pairs of runners, 22 sets of shin guards, 21 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of pants, 5 soccer balls and a ton of soccer socks and jerseys! The problem that Angela has now is "How do I bring all of it back?". Certainly a good problem to have. Angela can't wait to outfit the girls of Cazarpamba. 

Here are a few interesting facts that Angela wanted to share with your daughter about this project. It certainly gives some perspective:

1) In our region, this is the first youth league of ANY sport.  

2) Before this project started, sports were so male-dominated that the only time a woman could play, would be ONCE A YEAR at the local fair!

3) Our catchment area covers 5 separate villages, the closest being a 40 minute drive, the furthest over an hour and a half, though no one owns cars.  They are so far apart, they have different eco-systems! 

4) Our RGSA uniforms are the first time the girls have worn a full matching kit! 

5) One of the village's soccer pitches was washed away last season during a flood!

Thanks for everyone who donated or considered donating. I know it was short notice and some people had given their gear elsewhere already. We are hoping that we can continue to support this international endeavour. So please keep us in mind as our children grow up and you need a new home for your used soccer equipment!

Also, with great generosity from Soccer Link in April, we were ecstatic to be able to outfit both the girls and the boys in Cazarpamba. Soccer Link donated a full team kit to Gomez that included 22 sets of matching jersey and shorts. A huge thanks to the gentlemen at Soccer Link for their support as well. With the recently collected donations , we will be able to extend that support to other villages! If you have any questions or comments regarding our global endeavour, please email Greg Ng at (Note: Angela only receives email when she heads into town where there is internet. No internet in her village (gasp!).

With gratitude,

Greg Ng (RGSA coach) and Angela Gomez (former RGSA player currently teaching and living in Ecuador)

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What was the RGSA Gala all about???  Check out the video below created by Sylvain Marcotte. 

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Entry Level Referee Course being offered...

Richmond Soccer Association is hosting the "Entry Level Ref Course" to those members who will be at least 14 years of age as of the day of the course. For further  information and to register, please click on the link below.

Course Number: 994
Dates:  August 11-13
Location: Thompson Community Centre

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Provincial A Cup brought home to Richmond

Congratulations to the three teams playing in Provincials:

The U13 Galaxy placed 4th in Provincial B Cup. 
The U17 Force placed 3rd in Provincial B Cup. 
The U16 Richmond FC placed 1st in Provincial A Cup. 

Congratulations to all players, coaching staff and parents... 

The RGSA would like to give special Thank you's to our sponsors, Coast Wholesale, Penta Builders Groups and Steveston Real Estate.

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RGSA Teams Heading to Medal Rounds tomorrow ( Sunday)

Good evening all. 

Just a quick update to let you all know that the following teams participating in Provincials are playing for medals. 

In the A Cup we have  Richmond FC playing Riptides for the Gold Medal at Newton  Athletic Park with a 2 pm kick off on field 3. 

In the B Cup we have Richmond Galaxy playing for Bronze Medal at South Surrey Athletic Park with a 10 am kick off on field 5

Also in the B Cup we have Richmond Force playing for Bronze Medal at South Surrey Athletic Park with a 2 pm kick off on field 5. 

Good luck to all players and coaches. 

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RGSA Teams Head to Provincials

BC Soccer A and B Cup start this week with the RGSA having three teams playing... 

For the A Cup... U16 Richmond FC will be playing as follows:
Thursday July 6  1030 am at NAP 3
        Friday     July 7   1100 am at NAP 9
        Saturday July 8   1100 am at NAP 3
Sunday   July 9    200 pm   TBA

For B Cup we have two teams..
U13 Galaxy  will be playing:  Thursday July 6th  1030 am at SSAP # 9
                                                         Friday July 7th       100 pm at SSAP # 5
                                                         Saturday July 8th   1100 am at SSAP #9
 Sunday July 9th    TBA

       U 17 Force will be playing :    Thursday July 6th   430 pm at SSAP #6
Friday July 7th       100 pm at SSAP  #3
Saturday July 8th   300 pm at SSAP  #8
Sunday July 9th TBA

Good luck to all the players and coaches. 


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RGSA Community : Project Ecuador Soccer Sisters

RGSA Community: Project Ecuador Soccer Sisters

Former Richmond Girls Soccer player, Angela Gomez , grew up playing soccer in Richmond. After becoming a certified teacher at UBC, she taught in Northern BC and then sought adventure in Ecuador. Angela found herself teaching English in the tiny farming village of Cazarpamba, Ecuador with her local husband, Bolivar. As you can imagine, in a mountain town of 150 people, recreational resources are scarce, especially for girls. Angela has started a soccer club to encourage girls in her village to play soccer for much of the same basic reasons that we encourage our girls to be involved: exercise, teamwork, and community.

At the moment, Angela has 11 girls (remember, the town only has 150 people in total) who are currently playing soccer. They are poorly outfitted which is where we hope the RGSA  community can offer some support. While Gomez will accept monetary donations, she is looking for old shin guards and soccer boots. The girls have big hearts but are small in stature in this village. Their heights range from 4 feet to 4'6. If you have old equipment that need a new home, please contact Greg Ng, assistant coach of U14 RGSA Strikers at

Let's make our RGSA "hand-me-downs" give a "hand up" to this girls soccer program in Ecuador!

Posted 5/25/2017 Ref # 6584

AGM.... Thursday June 15th

Richmond Girls Soccer Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Thursday June 15th at the West Richmond Community Center in the multi purpose room. 

The meeting will start at 7 pm and end at 9 pm.

Posted 5/1/2017 Ref # 6583

Coastal Cup Finals this upcoming weekend

Richmond Girls Soccer is excited to announce that the U16 Richmond FC will be playing in the finals of the Coastal Cup on Saturday May 6th at 3 pm at Aldergrove Athletic Park

Along with the U16's, the U13 Richmond Galaxy will be playing in the finals of the Coastal B Cup on Sunday May 7th at 1 pm at Aldergrove Athletic Park. 

We wish both teams good luck. 

Posted 4/24/2017 Ref # 6582

U17 Richmond Force playing for Provincials

U17 Division 1 Richmond Force are playing for a Provincial position on Sunday April 30th at 11 am on Boyd Blue...

Good luck Richmond Force!!