Memorandum on Assessments

Memorandum on Player Assessments

What is the purpose of the upcoming assessments?

The purpose of the upcoming assessments is for the assessors to make an informed decision as to the most appropriate playing level for players for the following season. Assessments are a process to place each player at a playing level where they are most adequately suited for play and will gain the most enjoyment / value from participating in soccer.   Players within the RGSA are assessed all year round and these upcoming assessments are used to identify new players to our program, house players who are wanting to play more competitive soccer and out of district players who may not have been seen throughout the season.  

Assessments are a “sorting process” and are opportunities to rank players relative to the players around them. 

Assessments are individualized performance assessments of technical proficiency. During these sessions notes are compiled on specific player’s technical performance.

Assessments are different from regular season training sessions. In general, during assessments players, will rarely be ‘coached’ in the same way they would be during a regular season practice session. The drills and games will not be frequently stopped so coaching points can be made. 

Players should understand they may be asked to play several different positions during an assessment. This is not a mistake, but part of the process to accurately assess each individual.

Goalkeepers or players that indicate they want to be goalkeepers will be assessed as such. These players  need to indicate when checking in before the start of the upcoming  assessments if she will be assessed specifically and only as a goal keeper.

Decisions taken as a result of assessments are for the upcoming season only.  Should a player not be placed on a certain team or level, in no way does this prohibit them from attending assessments at any level in the future. It is widely recognized that players develop at different rates.  In addition, in a season, there can be movement of players between teams in an age group depending on how players develop through the season.

If a player expresses an interest in “playing up a level” she must attend the assessments for both her age as well as the age to which she wishes to play up to.  

Each team can take up to 5 out of Richmond players ( also known as out of district players).  

Our T&D coaches will be the main assessors as they have all worked closely with most of the age groups.  The T&D coaches will also have the current coaches on  the field as well to give input on the players. However the final decisions will be made by the T&D staff, taking into account the input of the current coaches where needed.  Next seasons coaches will hopefully  have been approved at the time of assessments and where possible, he/she will be involved in the team selection.

All assessment results will be compiled by our T&D coaches and our Administrator will send  the results to each participant individually. 

The above provides only a general framework for how the upcoming assessments and player placement for next season will be conducted. Our T&D staff will oversee and direct the process and may adjust the process as it proceeds.

Players will be expected to register ahead of time for the upcoming assessments, although drop-in attendance will be accepted . We do ask that all players register for the upcoming assessments rather than simply showing up as it will help assure that the assessments will run smoothly (each participant will be assigned a jersey number in a particular colour in advance and significant numbers of drop-ins will slow the process down significantly).  Failure to attend any of the sessions may impact a players’ opportunity to be chosen for a team / playing level (if a player expects to miss a practice they should notify the Administrator and T&D staff, consideration may be given should the circumstances warrant). 

Players who are injured and unable to participate can be considered for selection at the discretion of our T&D coaches.  In such cases our T&D coaches will provide and seek input as to the injured players’ capabilities. IF a players is currently suffering from a concussion or other injury, please inform the T&D staff.  If a player is injured or concussed, she should still register for assessments so that our T&D staff and Administrator are aware that you are interested in playing next season.

What is being assessed?

Players are being assessed relative to other players around them and ranked accordingly. It is expected that:

Potential top level (gold / metro) level players should be able to do the following consistently well, relative to other players their age:

  1. control the ball in a variety of ways
    1. with either foot – good first touch
    2. use other controlling surfaces (thigh, chest) as required
  1. Strike the ball with both feet – although preferred foot is stronger.
  2. Move quickly (dribble) with the ball under control.
  3. Be willing to engage (tackle) opponents.
  4. Have success in 1v1 duels.
  5. Be willing to defend when her team does not have possession.
  6. Make good, early decisions when they have possession that shows tactical awareness to maintain possession (e.g. not panic when in control).
  7. Involve teammates in the game rather than doing everything themselves.
  8. Have good fitness, speed, coordination, and strength.
  9.  Take up good support positions both when attacking and defending.

Shortly after the last session, parents/players will be contacted first by our Administrator and must accept or decline the offer within 48 hours.  All players who have accepted a spot on a select team are encouraged to register as soon as possible to guarantee their spot as well as to take advantage of the early bird discount.

It is the goal of our T&D staff to have all parents informed within 72 hours of the last assessment per age group, but there is the understanding that some age groups will take longer than others and that, if a team is still in Cup Play, the announcement will be delayed until that particular teams’ cup play is finished.


How many players are selected?

Depending on the perceived strength of an age group level, our T&D staff will make a decision as to how many players will be selected. In general the following framework will be used, but can be adjusted by our T&D staff each year:

U10 (1-3 development teams and remainder in  house teams)

  ~top 22-24 girls selected will be placed on two development teams.  The first team will be the stronger team and will be placed in a higher division through the South District Girls Soccer Association.

  ~All remaining players will be placed on house teams and play against other RGSA U10 teams.

U11 (1-3 Development teams and remainder in house teams)

  ~top  22-24 girls selected will be  placed on two development teams.  The first team will be the stronger team and will be placed in a higher division through the  South District Girls Soccer


 ~All remaining players will be placed in balanced house level teams and participate in South District Girls Soccer Association.

U12  (1-3 Development teams; remainder in house teams)

   ~top 22- 24 girls selected placed onto two development teams.  The first team will be the stronger team and will be placed in a higher division through South District Girls Soccer Association.

   ~All remaining players placed on balanced house teams and participate in South District Girls

Soccer Association.

U13-U18  (1 metro, divisions 1-3)

Top 16 -18 girls selected are placed on a Metro team.

Next 16-18 girls selected are placed on a Gold (Division 1 or 2) team.

Next 16-18 girls selected are placed on a Silver ( Division 2 or 3).

Remaining players will be placed on balanced Bronze level teams in early August. 

In some cases age groups may be combined (playing up) to fill the ranks of teams and ensure that teams have adequately and similar skilled players.  The RGSA and our  T&D coaches reserve the right to have the final say in where teams are placed.  For instance, a U12 team could be moved up to play U13 Div 2 or 3.  

Decisions about team level

Our T&D Coaches will make recommendations to the Board as to what level a team should play. The RGSA has an obligation to the league to place teams at a level at which they will be appropriately competitive. 

Injured players / unable to attend assessments

Each year there are always players, for very good reasons, who are unable to attend the assessments.   Sometimes this is due to injury and sometimes because a player has moved to the area in the off-season. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis by our T&D coaches.  Placement on teams, for players who missed the evaluations, will be at the discretion of our T&D coaches.