u9/10 inter squad

U9/10 inter squad schedule

To view the schedule for the U9/10 teams please click below. 

rules of play

A few things about how the games are set up...
~ all games will start at 130 but you will want to have all players on the field at 1 pm 
    as they will need to warm up and we will need to set up the field according to the 
    diagram you were all sent earlier. 
~ games are 2 25 minute halves with a 5 minute half time
~ refs will be provided for each game and a parent from each team will need to run the 
   line; this is best if it one of the coaches if there are more than one on the field

~ please read about the retreat line under our coaches tab... if you don't understand the 
   retreat line, please let me know and I can help you with it. 

~ when the ball is out of play on the end line, the goal keeper takes a goal kick and this 
   is where the retreat line rule comes into play

~ when the ball is out of play on the touch line (sideline) the ball is thrown in. 
~ most importantly, following BC Soccer LTPD, you will be playing 7 v 7 which means
   you will have 6 players out and one keeper.

~ unlimited substitutions shall be allowed
~ substitutions shall be allowed at stoppages, under the control of the referee
~ players must take equal turns in all field positions including the goalkeeper
   position that must be rotated at half time.  It is not necessary that all players play in 
   the goalkeeper position during a single game.

Please remember that at U9, scores are not kept nor do they matter, however IF one team is up by 4 goals, the ref should incorporate the Parity rule.  This rule helps stop one team from dominating a game and taking the fun out of it..  When one team is up by more than 4 goals, the ref and coaches should agree to one of two things:  have the team that is constantly scoring to remove one player off the team, OR to have the opponent add an extra player.  The RGSA does not want to see any team not enjoy the sport of soccer.