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Posted 5/29/2017
RGSA Community : Project Ecuador Soccer Sisters


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RGSA Community: Project Ecuador Soccer Sisters

Former Richmond Girls Soccer player, Angela Gomez , grew up playing soccer in Richmond. After becoming a certified teacher at UBC, she taught in Northern BC and then sought adventure in Ecuador. Angela found herself teaching English in the tiny farming village of Cazarpamba, Ecuador with her local husband, Bolivar. As you can imagine, in a mountain town of 150 people, recreational resources are scarce, especially for girls. Angela has started a soccer club to encourage girls in her village to play soccer for much of the same basic reasons that we encourage our girls to be involved: exercise, teamwork, and community.

At the moment, Angela has 11 girls (remember, the town only has 150 people in total) who are currently playing soccer. They are poorly outfitted which is where we hope the RGSA  community can offer some support. While Gomez will accept monetary donations, she is looking for old shin guards and soccer boots. The girls have big hearts but are small in stature in this village. Their heights range from 4 feet to 4'6. If you have old equipment that need a new home, please contact Greg Ng, assistant coach of U14 RGSA Strikers at

Let's make our RGSA "hand-me-downs" give a "hand up" to this girls soccer program in Ecuador!