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Posted 9/22/2018


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RGSA teams up with Now What

Richmond Girls Soccer Association partners with local facilitation company to bring workshops to members

Richmond, BC, September 21, 2018 - The Richmond Girls Soccer Association has partnered with Now What facilitation to provide team building and conflict management workshops for their players.

“Partnering with Now What allows us to give our members important tools to assist with team building and conflict resolution. The RGSA is committed to not only developing soccer players but happy, healthy citizens.  We want our players to learn soccer skills but also positive life skills and these workshops are one example of how we are reaching these goals.” says Dave Monk, RGSA Chair.

Now What is a Richmond based company created by facilitators with over 20 years experience working in the field of conflict management. Their involvement spans public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Clients include sports associations (coaches, administrators, volunteers, and team members), educators, lawyers, health professionals, psychologists, social workers, families and more. 

Now What will run youth team workshops to provide a comfortable (and fun!) environment for a team to work together and develop a clear understanding on how to communicate and manage conflict. This is a healthy and productive way for the team to talk, understand each other and build trust. These workshops will be provided to all the U14 teams each season.

In addition to the team workshops, this season the RGSA and Now What will offer a leadership workshop for team captains/ leaders of the U13- U18 teams.

The RGSA has been given a wonderful opportunity to participate in a Now What workshop that focuses on developing skills in identified athletes to support their teams both on and off the field.  This workshop facilitates in the learning of team dynamics, communications and clarifies what qualities are important for a team leader to have. The leadership training skills will equip young people to move into mentorship or coaching positions.

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